Music - Sound EFFECTS


Hey ! I’m Romain, a freelance sound designer based in Toulouse (France). I spent 3 years producing audio for differents projects, especially video games.

Using high-end softwares, i bring an artistic and technical expertise to bring emotion to your creation.

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Skill set

Video game

Music and sound effects :
composition and integration


Sound environment
of your cinema project

Video / other

Sound for any multimedia project : publicity, documentary, etc.




Sound effects

And more…


∇   An horror FPS using NFTs and virtual reality 

I’am currently working on this project! As lead sound designer, i ensure the creation and implementation of all the sound design with a great team from all over the world

∇   A promising independant FPS video game

I composed a country music and many sound effects for this project. I also integrated all of these sounds on Unity using Wwise

∇   My contribution to an AAA game with a huge and motivated team

In Illuvium, you will come across many creatures for which i made the sound effects. These sounds had to be integrated into combat scenes (basic attacks, ultimates, etc.)

   This is my first professional project !

According to the artistic direction, i made four ambiant musics and many sound effects (Unreal Engine). I also did all the sound dressing of the trailer to the side.